What is a VPN
for business?

Corporate VPN usage
is on the rise

In the age of remote work, a VPN for business emerges as a viable solution to secure your employees’ connections even if they work from home or join a public Wi-Fi.

VPNs for work come in all shapes and sizes

Your company can configure a custom VPN powered by IPsec, OpenVPN, or SSL/TLS protocols — or install a commercial solution like 7VPN, saving time, effort, and money!

VPN for work simplifies corporate network management

With a centralized admin console, effective user authentication and access control mechanisms, and robust security features, a VPN for business takes the pain out of network management

Why do you need a VPN for work?

VPN for business prevents unauthorized access to data

VPN solutions for business act like a firewall and require all users to undergo single-factor or multi-factor authentication to be able to use corporate apps and access sensitive data.

VPN for work helps you stay compliant

VPN software is a must-have for business users from industries with strict data privacy and security regulations — think healthcare, finance, banking, and insurance.

Corporate VPN solutions empower
the remote workforce

Installing a VPN for business is essential for global companies and smaller enterprises that permanently switched to remote or hybrid work.

Corporate VPN renders your data unreadable
to third parties

To make sure your employees won’t accidentally release critical information, breaking your corporate security policies and NDAs, a VPN for work scrambles all data traversing the network.

VPNs for remote work forster collaboration

Whether your company operates in different locations or partners with another enterprise, a corporate VPN will help you merge remote IT infrastructures, improving staff productivity.

Corporate VPNs scale along with your business

Unlike custom VPN software for business, commercial VPNs for remote work boast a flexible server infrastructure, allowing you to add more users as your business grows.

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V2Ray technology

The 7VPN team presents the exclusive V2Ray technology
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Best for encryption

V2Ray is the best tool to encrypt your data that no internet service provider has ever been able to break.

No speed barriers

Thanks to V2Pay, you can overcome any artificial reduction in your internet speed intentionally caused by your ISP and experience faster connection speeds than what your ISP claims to provide.

Completely avoid censorship

Only thanks to this technology you will be able to overcome the toughest state restrictions and firewalls, which will allow you to completely avoid censorship.

Works with bunch of services

Google Cloud


Microsoft 365









Frequently asked questions

What is a personal VPN vs business VPN?

A personal VPN is best suited for individuals seeking to unlock location-restricted content, play online games without ping, prevent an Internet Service Provider (ISP) from deliberately slowing down their connection speed, and protect personal information. A VPN for business functions as a firewall, securing corporate data and applications. Corporate VPN solutions also handle more users while ensuring faster and more stable connections thanks to a well-thought-out infrastructure setup.

What are the benefits of a business VPN?

The benefits of using VPN solutions for business span end-to-end corporate data security, cybercrime prevention, and simplified network management. Another reason to install a commercial VPN for remote work is a scalable and highly flexible server infrastructure adapting the needs of dynamically growing companies.

Do most businesses use a VPN?

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of companies using VPNs for remote work has increased by 29%. Recent studies also indicate that 50% of all VPN adopters use virtual private networks solely for business purposes.

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